The Pratts Advantage

Value added services tailored for the independent operator, helping you grow your profits & grow your business!

An exclusive group of services ONLY provided to Pratts customers. Offering services typically only available to the big chain stores.

-Technology Advancements-

To view tutorial videos on how to use the Pratts App, please click on the icon below:

Pratts Mobile APP

Two powerful tools in one;  Mobile Ordering and Inventory App.
A convenient mobile application that saves you time and money while making your life easier!


  • Streamline your inventory process with custom storage locations and categories
  • Generate orders based on inventory quantity on hand and par levels
  • Identify items below par levels with an alert indicator
  • Search through the order guide and product catalog, also work with Bluetooth bar-code scanner
  • Generate various inventory and ordering reports
  • Track inventory and order for multiple accounts

Inventory Manager

Simplify your inventory and grocery orders with our integrated inventory management tools. Calculate what you currently have in stock as well as how many you need to next order. Product management has never been easier.

Recipe Manager

Exclusive to Pratts Food Service’s Customers, Recipe Manager allows you to quickly, and conveniently create daily restaurant menus, recipes and cooking directions all at once. With the ability to automatically calculate nutritional facts based on recipe ingredients, we make it easier than ever to provide the information that today’s educated consumers expect.

Menu Engineering

& Menu Design

We analyze your current menu offering and help you develop the perfect inclusions to maximize profits. A very powerful tool for you as a Pratts customer.

-Marketing Services-

Campaign Development

Leveraging relationships with other local merchants who can refer business, Pratts can help you identify area businesses that offer the highest return. We’ll show you how to develop a marketing calendar, build special promotions and use creative ways to increase traffic and fill your tables.


Brand Points PLUS® is an exciting, easy way to earn valuable rewards for your loyalty to our endorsed products.

Simply enroll your operation and start earning rewards. It’s free and easy.

We bring you great tips, interesting news and useful information to help you run a successful, profitable business. Beyond great products, dependable delivery and attention to the needs of your operation, we’re committed to serving you to the best of our ability. This magazine is part of that commitment.



Operator Insights – a site dedicated to encouraging communication between Canadian Independent Food Service Operators and 10 of the top National Food Service Brands available in Canada.

What’s all that mean for You? Simple, click the Operator Insights logo and we’ll help You increase your profits, grow your sales and provide business building opportunities.

-Culinary  Expertise-

Bistro 101

  • Available to you to test equipment ensuring it it the right capital investment.
  • Showcasing new innovative products.
  • Use our facilities for training, menu roll outs, etc…

Pratts Systems

Pratts employs, factory trained Specialists and Technicians focused on servicing Pratts Food Service customers and supplying premium equipment and products such as Cielo Coffee, Bevolution Juice, Finest Call Cocktail Mix, Zep Chemicals, Cascades towels, tissue & wipes, and concessions products from Royale, Top Pop, Gold Medal, Stoelting, Twirlies,  English Bay Cookies and Chapman’s Ice Cream.

-Category Specialists-


Director, Systems Specialists
Jim Collins Email Jim Here

Systems Specialists
Sherri Poklar
Cory Platt

Systems Technician
John Kensick

Equipment and Smallwares Specialists
Hector Hurd
Murray McCoy

Retail Equipment Specialist
Chris Stoneham

Project Manager
Kris Johannesson


Equipment/Systems Specialist
Tanya Piller

Tyler Morrisette

Systems Technician
Daniel Murphy


System Specialist
Andy Bujak

E & S Specialist
Anton Ovtchinnikov